How to install iOSOpenDev manually

OS X 10.10+ & Xcode 7+

  1. Dependency

    brew install ldid dpkg

  2. Theos



  3. iOSOpenDev


    3.1. update .zshrc

    export iOSOpenDevPath=path/to/iOSOpenDev

    export iOSOpenDevDevice=

    export PATH=$iOSOpenDevPath:$PATH

    3.2. get iOSOpenDev

    • git clone --recursive $iOSOpenDevPath

    • copy the folder templates into $iOSOpenDevPath

    this version of templates is refined by the original one: the ShellScript of BuildPhases in TemplateInfo.plist is changed to $iOSOpenDevPath/bin/iosod --xcbp. and the [$iOSOpenDevPath] here is not that in .zshrc, it is a user defined key in Base.xctemplate and Empty Project.xctemplate.

    3.3. setup Xcode

    • copy the .xcspec files into /Applications/Xcode/Content/Developer/Platforms/[PLATFORM_PATH]/Developer/Library/Xcode/Specifications (mkdir if not existed)

    • mkdir -p /Applications/Xcode/Content/Developer/Platforms/[PLATFORM_PATH]/Developer/usr/bin

    • ln -fhs $iOSOpenDevPath/bin/iosod /Applications/Xcode/Content/Developer/Platforms/[PLATFORM_PATH]/Developer/usr/bin

    • ln -fhs $iOSOpenDevPath/bin/ldid /Applications/Xcode/Content/Developer/Platforms/[PLATFORM_PATH]/Developer/usr/bin

    3.4. setup SDK

    • modify the following key/value in [SDK_PATH]/SDKSettings.plist:

      DefaultProperties.CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED => NO
      DefaultProperties.ENTITLEMENTS_REQUIRED => NO
      DefaultProperties.AD_HOC_CODE_SIGNING_ALLOWED => YES
    • in Xcode 7.3, the private framework has been removed from iOS 9.3 SDK, so maybe you want to use iOS 9.2 SDK. once you copy iOS 9.2 SDK into [PLATFORM_PATH]/Developer/SDKs, you should also modify [PLATFORM_PATH]/Info.plist as following, or else Xcode 7.3 can not recognize iOS 9.2 SDK in project build settings:

      MinimumSDKVersion => 9.2

    3.5. setup templates

    • ln -fhs $iOSOpenDevPath/templates ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/Templates/iOSOpenDev
    • open TemplateInfo.plist in Base.xctemplate and Empty Project.xctemplate with Xcode, then set the value of the user defined key [iOSOpenDevPath] to path/to/iOSOpenDev.

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