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✪ macSubstrate


Substrate for macOS

macSubstrate is a platform tool for interprocess code injection on macOS, with the similar function to Cydia Substrate on iOS. Using macSubstrate, you can inject your plugins (.bundle or .framework) into a mac app (including sandboxed apps) to tweak it in the runtime.

  • All you need is to get or create plugins for your target app.
  • No trouble with modification and codesign for the original target app.
  • No more work after the target app is updated.
  • Super easy to install or uninstall a plugin.
  • Loading plugins automatically whenever the target app is relaunched.
  • Providing a GUI app to make injection much easier.


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✪ DesktopPainter


Automatically change your Mac’s desktop image using Bing’s images collection.

Now support 2 update modes:

  • Use Bing’s “Today Image”. Update every day.
  • Choose randomly from Bing’s images collection. Update by customized period.

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✪ MacGuarder


Automatically lock & unlock Mac by iPhone with Bluetooth.

  • When iPhone is far away, your Mac will be locked.

  • When iPhone is nearby, your Mac will be unlocked.

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✪ MouseFrog


Let Mac’s mouse move more quickly and conveniently on multi screens.


  1. In “System Preferences” -> “Displays” -> “Arrangement”, arrange your screens according to your own layout.
  2. Hold [Fn] and move mouse towards the destination screen. The mouse will jump to the center of that screen instantly :)

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